ARS’ ideology:
*preserve diversity if

*Formed as an informal group of 3 or persons getting to dream over getting Arunachala reforested. 1985-1988
Chief Patron was: RIC through roadshows in Oz, by John Seed.
Apeetha Arunagiri
Dev Gogoi
J Jayaraman, and a few others.

** ARS Registered as Society under TNSoc.Registration Act.

  • Received GOI sanction for tax-benefit to the donors of ARS, and
  • Received FCRA sanction to receive Foreign funds direct into ARS’ Bank a/c solely designated for this.

FIRST public interest PROJECT by ARS:
*ARS Nursery. First operating from pots nursed in Apeetha’s home terrace.
Later upon Registration, the Nursery shifted to the North West quarter of the Arunachaleswara Temple’s 5th Quadrangle.

  • Re-establishing the ancient Flower Garden, in the Big Temple’s outer, 5th prakaara, quadrangle.

****Afforestation of the Hill slopes:
1987-89 Eastern slopes, spread between Mulaippal and Guhai Namasaivaya.
Was doomed to disaster, due to human encroachments, allowed settling on the town-facing slope.
1989-1991 Southern slopes. Rocks used to build 3′ high fence around each grown sapling of the pioneering species ARS planted, in thousands. The lanscape manifested some human endeavour for a certain added message to an unconcerned consumer lifestyle in developing India.
This has evolved as Nature led, into a visible and layered bio-reserve around the valley leading to Skandashram from Ashram foothills.

Yama Lingam 1991-1998 (handed back a forested and area-secured YamaLingam to the HR&CE Temple authorities.